What We Do

Welcome to the Dextera website, we work with a number of strategic partners and our services cover, marketing, management and logistics. Please have a good look through our site and contact us if you need any other information.

Business Housing

Business Housing Locating premises, personnel, operations, services, capital equipment and setting up a ready made new business.

Dextera Logistics

Marketing Services

Comprehensive Marketing Services Product/Service Analysis, Market Analysis, Distribution Channels, Brand Recognition, Competitor Analysis etc.
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Niche Product Information

Specialists in the introduction of innovative and niche products and are always looking for additional products to develop into the European market.

Product Information

Our Skills

Dextera realise the critical importance of reviewing the aims, objectives, plans, logistics and any problems at the start of any new project and attempt to work closely with the client, in partnership, with shared responsibility for the development, regular reviews and success of the project. In all new business projects from any of the seven speciality fields we will meet with the client initially to review the project and establish the clients needs in the form of the business objectives, timing, resources, budget, implementation, review process and results measurement.When the client is happy with the process, then the number of days/weeks, will be allocated by Dextera over a period agreed by the client and then monthly progress reports will be sent to the client together with regular e-mail and telephone updates.

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Some of Our Clients


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About Us

We are always looking for new products and new companies to work with. If you’re looking to get established in the UK then please get in contact with us.


Who Are We?

We are a group of managers with a vast knowledge of the Italian, UK and other European industrial markets.


How We Operate

We wish to be partners with the companies who are our clients.


What We Offer

We have compiled a series of ‘contractual proposals’ based on a number of different principles.


Customer Contracts

Dextera has completed contracts with customers in France, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Australia, Malaysia and the UK.


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